Authentic Puerto Rican Cuisine in Richmond.



Born in New York,  Kristina started to take a passion to cooking in her early 20’s while cooking with her mother, Minerva (a/k/a “Ita”) for holiday dinners and family events.  Over the last decade, Kristina has been sharing her love for cooking Puerto Rican food through teaching private cooking classes and catering events for friends and family in Richmond, Va. Kristina is an avid traveler and foodie. In her travels she has found that the best way to explore another place or culture is through food.  Kristina loves to share her Puerto Rican culture through the recipes passed down to her, but mostly loves how food brings people together. Kristina is the owner and founder of Ita’s LLC.


Born in Cayey, Puerto Rico, Minerva’s love for cooking started as a young girl cooking traditional Puerto Rican dishes with her mom and grandmother. Since she was in her 20’s, she has been cooking up delicious dishes and sharing her love for Puerto Rican food.  Minerva has been sharing her authentic Puerto Rican recipes to the Richmond area through catering and private cooking classes for the past decade.  Minerva is not only the co-founder of Ita’s LLC, but she is also the head chef.  She is currently the head cafeteria manager at J.R. Tucker High School in Henrico County. In September 2011, Minerva’s love for cooking and Puerto Rican food earned her a spot in the Richmond Times Dispatch, along with her recipes for choco-flan and empanadas.